Tuesday, 3rd October 2023

Change history

The table below shows the full change history of STS, with the latest changes at the top.

27/04/20224.4.2 released.
26/04/2022Added date of birth (DOB) to Patient list export.
21/04/20224.4.1 released.
21/04/2022Updated sight test fees and NHS voucher values for 2022/2023.
27/11/20214.4.0 released.
24/11/2021Added two-factor authentication.
13/11/20214.3.0 released.
10/10/2021Improved password security.
02/07/2021Various changes to support API.
25/10/20204.2.4 released.
06/10/2020Improved automated tasks; added more logging, and ensured that tasks do not run if the application is in maintenance mode.
01/10/2020Emails are now sent via SendGrid - this will make mail delivery more reliable.
28/09/2020Removed styles for IE6 and IE7 - these browsers are no longer supported.
13/03/20204.2.3 released.
13/03/2020Fixed issue with date shortcuts not working.
13/03/2020Added guardian details to exports.
02/11/20194.2.2 released.
30/10/2019Small enhancements.
18/10/20194.2.1 released.
17/10/2019Improved task scheduling and ensured that failed tasks will re-run the next day.
13/10/20194.2.0 released.
13/10/2019Added ability to run scheduled task from properties page.
11/10/2019Fixed bug with captcha on 'contact us' page.
01/09/2019Updated to work with PHP 7.2.
20/01/2019Updated SMS. SMS is logged only if message is successfully sent.
17/12/20184.1.5 released.
16/12/2018Billing enhancements.
15/03/20164.1.4 released.
15/03/2016Added NHS voucher values for 2016/2017. No change to examination fees.
20/12/20154.1.3 released.
20/12/2015Updated email function to make emails less likely to be treated as spam.
19/12/2015Fixed bug with automated MI reports.
25/10/2015Updated themes to improve support for MicroSoft Edge browser.
27/08/2015Updated Sight test values (late communication NHS England).
20/04/20154.1.2 released.
18/04/2015Added support for future android application.
15/03/2015Added NHS voucher values for 2015/2016. No change to examination fees.
27/01/20154.1.1 released.
26/01/2015Added new template type that can be used to export only those clinic patients that have jobs.
17/01/20154.1.0 released.
16/01/2015Added 'New' icon to list on the Advice, CCGs, Documents, Frames, Templates, User Tasks, Visual Activity pages. This appears if the respective item is newer than 10 days.
11/01/20154.0.9 released.
10/01/2015Added 'Last modified' column to list on both the Documents and Template pages.
20/12/2014Added 'Further Advice'. This allows advice to be added to STS and link multiple advice items to a patient.
17/12/2014Added 'Visual Activities'. This allows activity information (name and image) to be added to STS and link multiple activities to a job.
11/12/2014Added 'Frames'. This allows frame information (name and image) to be added to STS and link a frame to a job.
07/12/20144.0.8 released.
07/12/2014Added 'Lens type' and options (e.g. scratch-resistant) to Job properties.
06/12/2014Added category (new TextPicker control) to Home properties.
05/12/2014Small naming updates to Job Vision Types.
03/12/2014Added visual ability values to Patient Sight test properties.
03/12/2014Fixed bug with eye marks (in Sight test properties) not working correctly in Chrome browser.
02/12/2014Added 'Eye conditions' to Patient properties.
02/12/2014Added 'potential' flag to Home properties.
30/11/2014Added 'Total / Sight test' column to Analysis Income Summary screen.
31/01/20144.0.7 released.
31/03/2014Added sight test fees and vouchers for 2014/15.
17/03/2014Created new Today scheduled task. This allows the user to receive an automated email and/or sms for the activities of the current day.
15/03/2014Renamed 'Preferences' page and menu link to 'Change password'.
14/03/2014Updated the 'favourite export' scheduled task to optionally send a notification SMS message as well.
10/03/2014Added ability for the application to send SMS messages.
18/01/20144.0.6 released.
15/11/2013Small changes to support Internet Explorer 11.
06/10/20134.0.5 released.
04/10/2013Added protection against account sharing.
22/09/20134.0.4 released.
21/09/2013Added additional job payment methods.
17/06/20134.0.3 released.
12/06/2013Added guardian details (name, telephone, email) to patient properties.
05/05/20134.0.2 released.
04/05/2013Job property form is readonly when status is 'Closed'.
03/05/2013Added accounts export in Analysis screen. This is specifically for accounting and has a different set of assumptions than the other Analysis exports.
20/04/2013Numerous improvements to the charting library.
07/04/20134.0.1 released.
07/04/2013Updated framework so that the scroll position is persisted when the form is posted.
06/04/2013Added eye marks and eye notes to sight test properties.
01/04/20134.0.0 released.
29/03/2013Added ability to filter scheduler, calendars and today page by a specific user.
22/03/2013Updated styles to look better in Internet Explorer 10.
18/03/2013Renamed Primary Care Trust (PCT) to Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Also added active flag to CCG properties.
01/03/20133.9.9 released.
01/03/2013Increased visibility of overdue invoices. The invoice payer is redirected to the billing invoice list if there are overdue payments.
17/02/20133.9.8 released.
16/02/2013Created a new scheduled task type 'Management Information (performance) export'. This exports the income associated for each user over the past month. A user is linked to a clinic ('Optician' and/or 'Dispenser'), a job ('Issuer') and event ('User').
16/02/2013Added the ability to link relevant users to clinics ('Optician' and 'Dispenser'), jobs ('Issuer'), events ('User').
11/02/20133.9.7 released.
11/02/2013STS is now integrated with PayPal. This allows a user to pay an STS invoice through the application.
05/02/2013Added 'Payer' to user properties. This indicates if the user pays the STS invoices.
03/02/20133.9.6 released.
03/02/2013Added auto generated user messages if there is an overdue payment. An overdue payment relates to unpaid invoices that were sent at least one month ago. These messages will appear when the user logs in.
02/02/2013Added 'Full name' to user properties.
02/02/20133.9.5 released.
01/02/2013Update billing reminder email to be high priority.
31/01/2013Enhanced lists so that checkbox states are persisted across list pages. This allows the user to perform actions on a set of records that span across multiple list pages. There is also a bar that displays the number of records selected along with a 'Clear Selection' link.
26/01/2013Updated clinic income chart so that amounts are links to the respective sight test or job properties page.
24/01/2013Fixed bug with list multi-sort col numbers not always contiguous.
11/01/20133.9.4 released.
11/01/2013Added 'Payment notes' and 'Delivery instructions' to job list exports.
18/10/2012Added key to scheduler to help with clarity.
15/10/2012Updated task framework so that an interval unit is used alongside the existing interval value. This allows a task to run in a more useful way (e.g. running on the first day of each month).
19/08/20123.9.3 released.
19/08/2012Added Frame and Lenses amounts to Job properties.
24/06/2012Added the ability for the user to override the default theme when the user hasn't logged in yet. The override is appended to the page url.
24/06/2012Added anti-tampering to the encrypt / decrypt routines.
22/04/20123.9.2 released.
14/04/2012Updated address finder so that the calling page url is also recorded. This is useful for MI purposes.
10/04/20123.9.1 released.
09/04/2012Enhanced billing system to also automatically send out reminders for unpaid invoices.
25/03/2012Added 'Status modified date' to numerous job lists.
24/03/2012Added 'Created by' column to favourites list.
24/03/2012Fixed bug with RAG status icon appearing when job is closed on patient job list and patient test job list.
26/02/20123.9.0 released.
25/02/2012Added 'Find Address' feature to help the user obtain any UK address simply from a postcode. This facility is in the Home and PCT details.
02/02/2012Added 'hourly' breakdown to application statistics (user sessions).
29/01/20123.8.9 released.
26/01/2012Added two new types of scheduled task. Both tasks relate to MI (Management Information).
22/01/20123.8.8 released.
20/01/2012Implemented scheduled tasks framework. This allows a user to setup their own scheduled tasks. Initially there are two task types; PCT notification task, and favourite list export task.
13/01/2012Favourite lists can now be saved as 'private' (only available to the user who created them) or 'global' (available to all users under the organisation). Previously, users could only create private favourite lists.
12/01/2012Updated all charts to have hover over highlight and text for 'average' lines.
12/01/2012The line chart series can now also be mapped (so it can have hover over text and href).
09/01/20123.8.7 released.
05/01/2011Updated the income chart on clinic properties to allow the user to see individual sight test and job values whilst hovering over it.
03/01/2011Implemented a native stacked bar chart (rather than using a standard bar chart and ordering the bars to simulate a stacked effect).
01/01/20123.8.6 released.
30/12/2011Improved appearance when using Mozilla Firefox.
30/12/2011The clinic lists have been updated so that an icon is shown next to those clinics that haven't notified their PCT. This replaces styling of the list rows.
29/12/2011An income chart for the clinic is now shown in the clinic properties (if the user has the analysis security permission).
28/12/2011Extended analysis engine to check that all sight test amounts within the selected period are valid (e.g. the number of upper sight tests have not been exceeded). Any relevant warnings are displayed on the analysis page and on the properties page of offending clinics.
23/12/20113.8.5 released.
23/12/2011Added 'Sight tests' list. This is available from the main menu.
23/12/2011Fixed bug with 'is blank' list search operator.
22/12/2011Added optional finish date to message functionality. This allows messages to expire after a certain date and therefore do not appear from that date onwards.
18/12/20113.8.4 released.
17/12/2011If a user attempts to log in with an incorrect password five times in a row their account will be locked and the password reset.
13/12/2011Added styling to billing invoice list and message to billing invoice properties for overdue invoices.
10/12/2011Added hover over tips on various buttons on list and grid controls.
08/12/2011When a password has been automatically generated (this happens when an account is created or when a password is reset) the user is forced to change it when they next log in.
04/12/20113.8.3 released.
04/12/2011Made speed improvements to analysis page (calculator engine and charts).
02/12/2011Added ziparchive_lib - this allows a zip archive to be built purely in memory.
27/11/20113.8.2 released.
27/11/2011User can now download the invoice sent by email from the billing invoice properties.
25/11/2011Added hint to date control shortcuts.
24/11/2011'Service uptime' grid contents is now limited to last three months.
21/11/20113.8.1 released.
21/11/2011Added 'Sight test frequency' to Patient property. This is used when setting the next sight test during clinic processing.
18/11/2011Updated standard signature to all emails sent by application.
17/11/2011Various optimizations to list control (speed improvement of approximately 25%).
12/11/2011Added support for cc and bcc email addresses in mail library.
24/10/20113.8.0 released.
23/10/2011Added the ability to sort by multiple columns in any list.
17/10/20113.7.9 released.
12/10/2011User administration now covers advanced settings.
08/10/2011Improved the user settings audit so that all changes are recorded whether they are direct (change to user) or indirect (change made to inherited settings).
05/10/2011Added 'additional information' section to all property forms. This shows at least when the item was created and by whom.
02/10/2011Separator sections in all property forms can now be collapsed/expanded.
24/09/2011Added warning message in home and clinic properties if there are no Primary Care Trusts setup.
17/09/20113.7.8 released.
16/09/2011The 'Application statistics' page can also show the sessions for each day of a particular month.
15/09/2011Updated Analysis and 'Application statistics' charts to be able to display grouped labels on the date axis.
14/09/2011Changed the group label functionality of the chart control so that implementation is simpler.
13/09/2011Improved the chart control interval algorithm so that it calculates the interval based on the number formatting. The interval calculation is also better for ranges less than 10.
11/09/20113.7.7 released.
08/09/2011Re-organised service stats page and added a pie chart to show uptime / downtime split.
28/08/20113.7.6 released.
26/08/2011Added 'Application Statistics' screen showing information about sessions per month (total, average, unique users).
22/08/2011Extended service stats by including data to show average response times.
20/08/20113.7.5 released.
20/08/2011Plotted lines on analysis charts to show average values.
20/08/2011Removed 'Private Patients' list. With the favourites functionality this list can be created simply by the user filtering the patients list and saving it.
20/08/2011Added 'Service statistics' screen that shows UP, and DOWN times for the application.
19/08/2011Enhanced the monitoring of the application's availability. The application is now checked every five minutes.
14/08/20113.7.4 released.
13/08/2011Adverts are displayed in application for trial accounts.
01/08/2011Added new setting to indicate if a user can view the Analysis area.
11/07/20113.7.3 released.
10/07/2011Overhauled email engine. Emails are now sent in HTML and plain.
03/07/2011Improved user administration. A welcome email is now sent automatically when a user is created.
01/07/20113.7.2 released.
01/07/2011User now has settings per Organisation rather than one set across all Organisations.
29/06/2011Fixed bug with 'Unscheduled patients due' list not including those patients who have never had a sight test.
27/06/2011Added utility functions to database so that trial accounts can be administered easier.
26/06/2011Updated themes to be more consistent with web site look.
20/06/2011User can double click item in multi-line dropdown to trigger page submit.
07/06/20113.7.1 released.
07/06/2011Improved audit on password reset/change so that the logged in user is recorded when possible.
07/06/2011Fixed bug in 'user messages' not allowing users to view messages unless they have 'user admin' rights.
05/06/20113.7.0 released.
04/06/2011Made the general error page look consistent with the new 404 and 500 error pages.
04/06/2011Added 'start date' to messages. That way messages can be setup in advance and will appear when the respective start date has been reached.
03/06/2011Extended protection on various pages so that if the user does not have the rights to view that page the 404 custom page is shown.
02/06/2011Added custom pages for 404 and 500 errors.
01/06/2011Updated the security / login framework to allow a user to belong to multiple organisations. This includes a new 'Login - Organisation' screen (used only when the user has multiple organisations).
30/05/2011A user can now be flagged as an administrator. Only administrators can view administrators in the user list.
29/05/2011Renamed 'View' button to 'Download' in Document properties page.
22/05/20113.6.9 released.
22/05/2011Added 'user messages' list to show the messages sent to a user.
21/05/2011Refactored template engine to handle a new type of section used when there are no records.
21/05/2011Renamed 'View' button to 'Download' in Template properties page.
15/05/20113.6.8 released.
15/05/2011Fixed issue with list control always going back to page one when an action is clicked. This causes a problem if the user selects items on another page and wants to perform an action on them.
14/05/2011Enhanced the audit framework to incorporate a 'roll back' mechanism. This allows the user to undo changes for any item.
07/05/2011Extended message framework so the 'do not show' date is captured for each message. This is to improve auditing.
05/05/20113.6.7 released.
05/05/2011Updated date field so that a 'clear' shortcut (also new) is automatically added if the control is non mandatory.
04/05/20113.6.6 released.
04/05/2011Added 'logged in notification' functionality. This means if a user has been set up with 'logged in notification' enabled then an email is sent to the STS admin every time the user logs in.
03/05/20113.6.5 released.
03/05/2011Implemented audit functionality.
30/04/20113.6.4 released.
30/04/2011Updated app offline mechanism so that the 'down for maintenance' contents are streamed to the current file rather than being redirected.
29/04/2011Added status history for Clinics and Jobs.
28/03/2011Updated Pie Chart so that the image map for complete pies do not have a centre point.
25/03/2011Updated styles to handle IE 9.
05/02/20113.6.3 released.
05/02/2011Added 'Patient Jobs' to Home and Clinic properties. This shows the list of jobs associated with the specific home or clinic.
04/02/20113.6.2 released.
04/02/2011Updated today page to style closed clinics.
04/02/2011The 'PCT notified' checkbox is enabled in processed clinics as well as open ones.
01/02/20113.6.1 released.
01/02/2011Replaced 'Clinic job summary' with 'Jobs delivery summary'. This shows clinic AND one-off jobs.
01/02/2011Added new list search operator 'is blank'
01/02/2011Improved UI appearance.
01/02/2011Fixed bug with error message link not working for form date fields.
31/01/2011Removed 'Show job summary in Dashboard' property for clinics. This is no longer needed.
28/01/20113.6.0 released.
28/01/2011Extended mysql class so that the application retries a certain number of times if 'Too many connections' error is encountered whilst attempting to create a database connection.
26/01/20113.5.9 released.
25/01/2011Added 'Today' page. This shows a schedule of the events and clinics happening today.
20/01/2011Made a small change to the list so that empty searches in the middle of searches are removed.
18/01/20113.5.8 released.
18/01/2011Added export to Scheduler, and the Calendars.
16/01/20113.5.7 released.
16/01/2011Updated all clinic lists so that rows relating to clinics whose notification is overdue are styled differently.
16/01/2011The clinic properties form will show a warning if the PCT notification is overdue.
16/01/2011Added Warning Summary to form.
16/01/2011Removed 'Clinic', 'Homes' and 'Events' views from Calendar and replaced with 'Scheduler' view (this shows Clinics and events i.e. the same as the scheduler).
15/01/2011Implemented minvalue, maxvalue on integer and float form fields.
15/01/2011Added 'Notification duration' to PCTs.
03/01/20113.5.6 released.
02/01/2011Fixed bug in pie chart occasionally rendering series incorrectly.
23/12/20103.5.5 released.
23/12/2010Improved the template, document, sight test, job, logout icons.
23/12/2010Help hints can now be added to form fields.
23/12/2010Records the user who modified the status of a job.
23/12/2010Records the user who modified the status (i.e. processing or closing) of a clinic.
23/12/2010Updated CSS for IE 6.
22/12/2010The scheduler and day calendar shows the lunch time (default is 12 - 1pm) in a different style.
21/12/20103.5.4 released.
21/12/2010Updated so that the user is logged out if the app_offline.html file is found.
21/12/2010Added 'Task run history' list.
21/12/2010Updated the logic in the calculator when deciding if a job is actual or potential. Jobs that are not pending, have no expected date BUT do have a payment method of Paid (...) are ALSO assumed to be actual.
21/12/20103.5.3 released.
21/12/2010Fixed bug in scheduler when there are overlapping events in one day AND one event in another day is finishing 15 minutes into unsocial time.
21/12/2010Improved the home, template and pct icons.
20/12/2010Added the ability to add general events to scheduler. Extended the calendar and dashboard so that they show events.
19/12/2010Added 'delete' link to property forms where appropriate (e.g. clinics, jobs, documents).
19/12/2010The form control can now enable / disable its controls via javascript. This allows confirmations that do not require validation to update the form (e.g. deleting) without the overhead of posting the page.
19/12/2010Updated scheduler and calendar to show different event types (e.g. clinic, job) in different colours.
11/12/20103.5.2 released.
11/12/2010Added 'Income pies' to analysis area.
06/12/2010Added image map functionality to pie chart.
05/12/20103.5.1 released.
04/12/2010Clinic properties now have a 'Primary Care Trust' field. This is used to filter the prospective patients and is displayed in the clinic lists, scheduler and calendar.
03/12/2010The pie chart now uses anti-aliasing when rendering.
23/11/2010Included the time in the email sent when an error occurs in Production
21/11/20103.5.0 released.
21/11/2010The pie chart can now be rendered in an exploded fashion.
18/11/2010Implemented pie chart.
18/11/2010Templates now store the formats used for date and time values. This is needed as some templates expect dates and times in a specific format.
17/11/20103.4.9 released.
17/11/2010Added alternative row colouring to scheduler, day calendar and chart.
17/11/2010Implemented the line series for the chart.
17/11/2010Ensured that chart gridlines and label ticks are always aligned.
16/11/20103.4.8 released.
16/11/2010Fixed bug in template processor where one record would be skipped at each section if %REPEATERNEXT% markers were used.
15/11/2010Tidied the appearance of the application in IE6 and IE7.
14/11/20103.4.7 released.
13/11/2010Extended form date shortcuts so that they utilise javascript if it's enabled to update the owner date controls.
07/11/20103.4.6 released.
07/11/2010Added ability to style alternative rows in the list. Updated the default theme to use this new style.
06/11/2010Updated the Menu component to look better and be more in keeping with the other framework controls.
04/11/2010Improved form float field so that the thousand separator in code is passed through to the javascript function.
04/11/2010The first field of an embedded list form is now focused by default.
03/11/20103.4.5 released.
03/11/2010Updated calculations in Analysis to treat jobs that have no expected date as potential amounts (not actual). Included expected dates in job export.
03/11/2010Fixed bug in form float field where it crashes if there were thousand separators and there were validation messages.
02/11/20103.4.4 released.
02/11/2010Refactored mailing functions to minimise code duplication.
02/11/2010Created new 'default_brown' theme.
02/11/2010Fixed bug in job list showing a RAG status for closed jobs.
01/11/20103.4.3 released.
01/11/2010Updated PCT Notification task to fit with requirements.
01/11/2010Replaced 'datetime' for 'Primary Care Trust notified' field in Clinic with a checkbox. Also added a bulk 'Primary Care Trust notified' assign in the active clinics list.
01/11/2010The 'Tests by month' grid now has a thicker border around the cell that represents the current month.
31/10/2010Added 'Primary Care Trust notified' date control to Clinic. This will be used by the 'PCT Notification' automated task.
31/10/2010Implemented task runner functionality. These tasks are defined in the database and designed to be executed by an automated process (e.g. CRON). The final piece is to setup the automated process to run on a daily basis.
30/10/2010Updated mail functionality so emails can now be sent with attachments.
28/10/2010Added type to templates (this is currently either 'Clinic' or 'Job'). This allows the template dropdown list to be filtered depending if it's being used in the clinic or job list.
28/10/2010Added 'hidden' type to templates. Hidden templates are used purely for internal purposes and are never shown through the UI.
27/10/20103.4.0 released.
27/10/2010Fixed bug when trying to delete a template.
26/10/20103.3.9 released.
26/10/2010Updated the job vision type values so that they are no longer abbreviations.
26/10/2010Fixed problem with different themes not having the matching background colour in the analysis chart.
25/10/2010Added favourites functionality. The user can save a list (along with its filtering) and be able to go back to the list from the 'Favourites' list in the dashboard.
25/10/2010Various small changes to the list class.
23/10/20103.3.8 released.
23/10/2010Enhanced template processor so that more than one record can be specified inside one repeater section. This is done using the new %REPEATERNEXT% marker. This allows templates that have tables used for labels to be supported.
21/10/20103.3.7 released.
21/10/2010Updated Job form validation so that it is possible to have no payment method if there is a payment amount but there isn't an expected date specified.
21/10/2010Extended template processor to handle multiple repeater sections in one document.
13/09/20103.3.6 released.
13/09/2010Removed 'Add sight test' button from sight test list.
26/06/20103.3.5 released.
25/06/2010Added 'User session' list which shows when users logged in.
06/06/20103.3.4 released.
06/06/2010Now logs every time a user logs in (rather than just the last time).
28/05/2010Added trial, expiry fields to organisation.
26/05/20103.3.3 released.
26/05/2010Updated sight test amounts due to budget change.
15/05/20103.3.2 released.
15/05/2010Fixed bug with Home Patients list not navigating to Patent when row clicked.
16/01/20103.3.1 released.
16/01/2010Updated chart so that the background can be transparent.
16/01/2010Created new 'default_orange' theme.
04/01/20103.3.0 released.
29/12/2009Implemented 'time difference' functionality. This allows a user or organisation to have a different time than the server. This is very useful if you're hosting the application on a server who's time is different to the users (e.g. hosting in UK for an application primarily used in America). In the case of STS there is no time difference so everything will appear unchanged.
29/12/2009Updated template processor to replace the reserved markers (%NOWDATE%, %NOWDATETIME%, %NOWTIME%) anywhere in the data, not just those inside the repeater section.
27/12/2009Added messages functionality. Messages can be sent to users (via the users admin screen) and will appear when they login.
26/12/2009Fixed bug with 'Patients due' grid not exporting it's values correctly (they were all zeros).
25/12/2009Made global changes across application to include the logged in user when calling all stored procedures. This change will be required when auditing is implemented and getting it done now will make life easier later.
25/12/2009Fixed bug with validation firing in job when the user clicks a date shortcut and there's a non-zero payment amount but no payment method selected.
25/12/2009Added private flag to documents. If a document is private then it is only visible to the user who set the flag to private.
23/12/2009Tidied configuration so that it is mostly in one file.
04/11/20093.2.6 released.
04/11/2009Added job export to the analysis area.
04/11/2009Removed 'vouchers' column from patient analysis export as the new job report covers this.
04/11/2009Fixed issue with chart rendering in Linux (the bars were covering the x axis and the bar caps were slightly too long).
30/10/20093.2.5 released.
30/10/2009Added 'Status modified date' to all job list exports.
30/10/2009Fixed bug with patient sight test write not working.
16/10/20093.2.4 released.
16/10/2009Included PCT, and 'PCT Code' in export for patient lists.
14/10/20093.2.3 released.
14/10/2009Added the ability to delete jobs to all of the main job lists.
14/10/2009Improved the 'Forgot Password?' page. It now has a confirmation to reset the password and an information message if the password is reset successfully.
11/10/2009Completed user admin screens. This is only accessible to users with the 'user administration' setting enabled.
09/10/20093.2.2 released.
09/10/2009Created user list (this will be used for admin purposes). This is currently not available through the application.
09/10/2009Added 'PCT' to analysis patient export as well as home list export.
09/10/2009Added 'PCTNOTES' to clinic export.
09/10/2009Fixed bug with list not disabling its check boxes when disabled.
09/10/2009Fixed bug with template processing where new lines were not persisting in the substitute values (this effected mainly the notes field values).
07/10/20093.2.1 released.
07/10/2009Added voucher codes to analysis patient export.
07/10/2009Updated so that the site is automatically redirected to httpS if http.
04/10/20093.2.0 released.
04/10/2009Made changes to the calculation engine so that it can now optionally include a breakdown of values down to individual patients.
04/10/2009Added an export for the calculation results at the individual patient level (see above). At the moment it is not clear where the export should be in the UI so for short term it is hidden and is only accessible if the url includes a parameter called 'patientbreakdown' (the value of this parameter is irrelevant).
04/10/2009Added export button for patient breakdown on analysis page.
03/10/2009Extended the dashboard grid to be able to collapse just like the lists.
03/10/2009Updated patient test so that the user picks whether the test amount is the upper band, lower band or other. In the case of 'other' the user enters the amount explicitly.
02/10/20093.1.7 released.
02/10/2009Added 'Clinic job summary' list. This helps to ascertain when jobs for a particular clinic home are all ready for delivery.
02/10/2009Extended the dashboard lists so that the user can collapse the lists they don't want to see. This not only helps the user to focus on the lists that they are most interested in but improves performance as the collapsed lists do very little work. Collapsed lists can still be exported and will also persist across sessions.
01/10/2009Added default search of "Active = 'Yes'" for the home patients list.
23/09/20093.1.5 released.
23/09/2009Removed 'DV & NV' option from job vision.
23/09/2009Added 'Delivered' job status.
23/09/2009Updated the css to look better in IE6.
22/09/2009Implemented gmap_lib class. This is used to create the url for static google maps.
19/09/2009Various small changes to ensure the application works with PHP 5.3.0 (live is currently using 5.2.10).
16/09/20093.1.0 released.
16/09/2009Updated the 'income breakdown' analysis page so that the income is broken down into clinic and one-off sections.
16/09/2009Added shortcuts to date control. The 'expected date' control in the job properties form has shortcuts to increase the date by 2, 7 and 10 working days.
16/09/2009Removed 'Status_Modified_Date', 'Expected_Date' and added 'Home, 'Postcode', 'Payment due' to most of the job lists.
15/09/2009Added export to grid control. This means that the Analysis and 'Tests by month' grids can export their data.
15/09/20093.0.0 released.
14/09/2009Added date controls to Analysis page.
13/09/20092.9.7 released.
13/09/2009Further changes to the analysis page: i) altered the data columns in the grid to more useful ones ii) the analysis grid only shows rows which have at least one non-zero value iii) added image map to chart. This allows the user to click on a month in the year chart to display that single month. The user can click any bar in the month chart to return to the year iv) coloured any columns in the analysis grid the same as their colour in the chart. This makes the link between the chart and the grid far more intuitive v) added income breakdown chart. This currently cannot be accessed until the options table is created.
13/09/20092.9.5 released.
13/09/2009Extended analysis page to look more consistent with other pages. Added buttons to allow the user to choose 'summary' or 'breakdown'. Still need to add the controls to allow the user to choose a date.
12/09/2009Fixed bug in 'Tests by month' grid where patients belonging to inactive homes were being included in the results.
11/09/20092.9.0 released.
10/09/2009Added 'alternative amount' to patient sight test details.
10/09/2009Started the Analysis page. This will allow the user to analyse the incomes for any date range they want. For the first phase there is a simple chart that displays the correct year (month-by-month).
10/09/2009To display the calculation engine results there is now a chart component.
10/09/2009Built an income calculation engine. This can work out the income for any specified duration on a day-to-day basis.
05/09/2009Replaced 'deceased' with 'active' (where active is equal to not being deceased) for patients.
05/09/2009Removed 'deceased' col from patient lists and replaced with home postcode.
01/09/20092.8.6 released.
01/09/2009Job now has a Pending status. This indicates if it is currently only a recommendation with the patient.
01/09/2009Added Menu item for Pending Jobs.
01/09/2009Job reference is now auto-generated. This ensures it is unique and has a consistent format.
01/09/2009Added 'PCTNAME', 'CLINICNOTES' and 'NOTES' to clinic patient export.
01/09/2009The Job lists now have a bulk status update function.
01/09/2009Fixed regression issue with user not being able to create a new Template or Document.
30/08/2009Renamed 'Order' to 'Job'.
11/08/20092.8.2 released.
11/08/2009Improved the name of the columns in the PCT list export.
11/08/20092.8.1 released.
11/08/2009Fixed bug in list control not coping with aliases correctly when filtering.
09/08/20092.8.0 released.
09/08/2009Updated most list exports to export more data. Home and PCT lists now contain address data.
09/08/2009Extended list control so that the columns exported can differ to those displayed in the list. This allows the addresses for homes to be exported even though they do not appear in the list.
31/07/20092.7.5 released.
31/07/2009A few extra changes to Orders: i) renamed 'Lens' to 'Vision' ii) renamed Lens notes text box to 'Lens' iii) added 'Frame' text box.
29/07/20092.7.0 released.
29/07/2009Added 'Add order' to 'Patient' and 'Patient Sight test' property forms.
28/07/2009Added validation and javascript auto formatting on the integer and float form fields.
27/07/2009Implemented export to csv and export to template for main order lists.
27/07/2009Modified the export mechanism so that it is a lot easier to use and requires only a minimal amount of coding to work with any entity.
23/07/20092.5.0 released.
23/07/2009Various changes to the order functionality: i) status values modified ii) order 'Name' is now 'Reference' iii) added 'status modified date' to order iv) expected date defaults to 2 weeks from today v) added extra fields to order properties (lens type, payment details etc).
23/07/2009Added the framework for orders. An order links to a patient and optionally a sight test (which in turn links to a clinic). Still need to finalise the fields of an order but there is enough there at the moment to make it useful.
23/07/2009Changed the names of status's and fixed types from always being uppercase to normal case.
21/07/2009Updated form field controls to extract the posted values on demand without the need of the validate function being called first. This fixes a bug in the menu hints occasionally going wrong.
21/07/2009Changed the calendars and scheduler to appear more consistent with the list. Now the caption displays the title and the date selector is in the action bar (the grey bar below the caption).
21/07/2009Updated the action icons on the list, calendars and schedulers to be more consistent (green background with white border).
20/07/2009Extended the clinic status's to have a 'Processing' state (this fits between 'Open' and 'Closed'). The user now clicks the 'Process' button of a clinic to lock the patients and to automatically create sight tests for all clinic patients. Once the user has processed the clinic they can click the 'Close' button.
20/07/2009Added link from a patient sight test to the clinic that the test relates to (if there is a clinic).
18/07/20092.0.0 released.
18/07/2009Added export to list control. All lists can export their data based on the current search, and sort settings.
14/07/20091.9.5 released.
14/07/2009Removed the document upload from encrypting the file as well.
14/07/2009Updated default search on patient and home lists so that active items are only shown by default.
13/07/2009Added 'does not equal', 'greater than', 'less than' to list search operators.
12/07/20091.9.0 released.
12/07/2009Extended the list to be able to do multiple searches.
05/07/20091.8.0 released.
05/07/2009Changed the appearance of the properties form. Also tidied some areas of the html, removing unnecessary elements.
05/07/2009Put 'Patients' back into all clinics lists.
04/07/2009Added 'Active' flag to home. This is equivalent to the 'Deceased' flag on a patient.
04/07/2009Lists now show closed clinics, inactive homes and inactive patients (those who are deceased and/or belong to an inactive home) in grey.
04/07/2009Inactive patients (patients who are deceased and/or belong to an inactive home) do not have a RAG status in the patient lists.
04/07/2009Modified the duration control so that the displayed values are more user friendly. The values now show the unit name (e.g. '10 minutes') and for large durations the hours / minutes are displayed (e.g. '1 hour 30 minutes').
04/07/2009Made the information in the clinic and home month calendars more consistent with the scheduler. The clinic and home month calendars now show the patient count.
04/07/2009Updated the month calendar to have the same highlighting logic as the day calendar and the scheduler.
03/07/20091.6.2 released.
03/07/2009Added 'Number of patients' readonly info to Clinic and Home properties.
03/07/2009The login page now also uses an email if there is one in the url (value name is email). This is useful when dealing with multiple user accounts as one can setup different shortcuts to the site with different emails in the url.
02/07/20091.6.0 released.
02/07/2009Changed default search to 'home' in Clinic Prospects list.
02/07/2009Removed 'Patients' from 'all clinics' list. This allows the underlying view to execute a lot faster.
02/07/2009Updated clinic export: i) now sorts by clinic start, home, surname and then forename ii) renamed 'LASTTEST' to 'LASTTESTDATE' iii) added 'CLINICTIME' and 'LASTTESTTIME'.
02/07/2009Added direct select dropdowns to calendars and scheduler. If javascript is disabled then the dropdowns are not shown.
01/07/20091.5.0 released.
01/07/2009Added framework for settings at an Organisation and User level. The constants used for settings have now been replaced with a database table. These settings are retrieved and cached when the user logs in. One of these settings relates to the theme (the presentation of the application - stylesheets, images). Re-organised the presentation files so that there is now a default theme directory. New companies will get a copy of this directory which they can then customise.
01/07/2009Did some optimisation on the patient lists. Patient queries are now executing approximately three times faster.
01/07/2009Fixed bug in Clinic close where the notes for the auto-generated patient sight tests were not using 24hr time so it was not clear if say, 07:30 is either am or pm. Time is now in 24hrs.
30/06/2009The validation errors on the form now link to their respective fields. This means the user can now click on an error message and the cursor will focus on the field which produced the error. In the case of no javascript the form is scrolled to ensure the field is visible (standard anchor functionality).
30/06/2009Removed 'deleted' status from clinics. When the user deletes a clinic now it is permanently removed from the database. The user can however only delete open clinics.
30/06/2009Added document repository. Allows the user to store useful documents online.
29/06/2009Added the concept of organisations. An organisation is a container for all data belonging to a particular company / client. A user belonging to an organisation will only ever see the data relating to that organisation.
29/06/2009Improved the robustness of the application when the user attempts to manually modify the url.
29/06/2009Added account status to user. This value also inherits from its organisation (therefore disabling all users belonging to an organisation can be done by simply modifying the organisation account status).
27/06/2009Added footer. This displays the version and copyright text.
27/06/2009Updated the day_calendar so that it attempts to reduce the number of empty cells by creating spans.
27/06/20091.0.0 released.