Tuesday, 3rd October 2023


Dashboard Scheduler Scheduler Analysis Analysis

Along with the simplicity that STS offers comes the power to cover all day to day tasks, significantly increasing productivity. These features include:

  • Administering patients, homes, jobs and clinics is simple. All of the lists can be filtered to find specific records. Lists that are frequently used can also be saved to 'favourites'.
  • The Dashboard screen displays lists that help with housekeeping. For example, 'Unscheduled patients due', 'Jobs delivery summary'.
  • Organising clinics and events is easy using the Scheduler and Calendar screens.
  • Daily reminders can be sent by email, helping to ensure that the user notifies Clinical Commissioning Groups (these have replaced Primary Care Trusts) within their notification period.
  • STS analyses the income, showing the break down in graphs and tables. The output can be exported and is sufficiently detailed to be used by a bookkeeper.
  • The 'Today' screen shows a map of the clinics scheduled and helps the optician to plan their route.
  • The 'Templates' functionality means that data can be exported into customised documents. Users can add, delete or modify their own templates.
  • All data changes are audited. This allows the user to view what has changed for a particular record, and has the ability to undo modifications.
  • Themes can be customised to fit with any company image.
  • Access STS from anywhere with an internet connection. Get peace of mind knowing that all data is backed up to an external location daily.
  • Compatibility with all major browsers; including Internet Explorer (8 and above), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

If you have questions or are interested in having a trial account please contact us.